[Samba] No good way to migrate 4.1 on Server A to 4.7.6 on New Server B

Glenn Bergeron glenn at gbitservices.ca
Sun Nov 25 09:29:26 UTC 2018

After many, many, many hours of trying, and lots of research both on this list, the Samba Wiki and elsewhere, I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is no way to seamlessly migrate between servers.


Backing up and restoring (using samba_backup) doesn’t work. Permissions hell with Windows.


Joining the new 4.7.7 server to the old 4.1 DC server, waiting for replication, then demoting the old server doesn’t work. It’s missing all the GPO files, RSAT utils either don’t work or barely work (no computer accounts listed for example), and workstations have their System Events log filled with not being able to find or connect to the domain server, DCOM errors relating to permissions, etc. 


I’m trying to not have to tell all the users that they’re going to have whole new Windows profiles and lose all their settings, because I can’t port anything and I have to start the AD server from scratch.


Hasn’t anyone done this with any success? And if so, why isn’t there a solid document somewhere? I’m sorry I sound frustrated, but I’m at my limit with this what should have been a simple migration from old dying server to new server.


Can anyone help? 

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