[Samba] Samba4 multiple DCs replication

Julien TEHERY julien.tehery at openevents.fr
Mon Nov 19 09:55:13 UTC 2018

Le 19/11/2018 à 09:35, Julien TEHERY via samba a écrit :
> Hello
> I am actually trying to build a multi sites domain.
> Each additionnal DC has been setup and I would like to hava a custom 
> replication setup.
> In other words,  how can i choose replication target on a fresh new DC?
> I would like to force my sites DCs to replicate from master DCs at our 
> office.
> Is it possible?
> Thanks
> Julien
Answering to myself, i precise i did'nt have any replication issues when 
i only had two DCs.

Now I have 3 master DC at my office, and 3 more DCs on remote sites I 
encounterd replication issues.
(see errors with samba-tool drs showrepl)

In each replication status i can see that when remote DC is pointing to 
my main DC server, everything's fine, but when pointing (automatically) 
to another DC, i see errors.
That's why i was wonderng about forcing all the DC to replicate from the 
main one.

Is there a good pratice when adding new remote DCs in terms of 
replication topology?

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