[Samba] Lightweight build of smbclient only

Craig McQueen craig.mcqueen at innerrange.com
Thu Nov 15 02:24:08 UTC 2018

I'm interested in using smbclient in an embedded Linux system, to copy files to a Windows file share. I don't need the entire samba suite. I'd like to get a smbclient compile that is reasonably small (less than 3 MB ideally).

I'm building the embedded Linux system cross-compiled for an ARM based platform using Yocto. Yocto has support for building samba. But it is aimed at the complete samba suite, whereas I really only want smbclient. In the past I've been able to cut it down reasonably to just the smbclient. But in the last year, changes to samba and the Yocto samba package have made it more difficult to cut it down to a minimal smbclient.

What would the samba team recommend for cross-compiling a small smbclient suitable for embedded Linux?

Craig McQueen

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