[Samba] Internal DNS migrate to Bind9_DLZ

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Nov 1 15:25:47 UTC 2018


> >
> > have rejoined all my DC's with new names, see below.
> ><domain>.corp.    3600    IN    NS    psad101zatcrh.<domain>.corp. -> New
> >rebuild, new hostname, RHEL6 to RHEL7 upgrade
> >
> > Led me to believe this is your problem. However, you say it works on
> > one DC, but not with multiple DC's.
That one DC that works, im betting, that is the only one that has its original hostname. 
Can you verify that? 

> >
> > You have mentioned that you demoted DC's, removed all data for the
> > deleted DC from AD and then rejoined it again with a newer 
> version of
> > Samba using the same DC name etc.
> >
> > I wonder if this could be your problem ?

Im betting this the source of your problem. 

This exactly why i dont support 2 things on a AD DC server.
1) changing its hostname
2) changing its domainname
Its always troubles, its so easy to forget 1 small thing and that ends up in a big problem. 
( story of my life )

And IP change, hmm, not my favorit but possible with much less problems. 

I suggest, remove 1 server completely from the domain .
Re-install the server, a clean setup or go check you hostname changes in /etc/ /var 
But i would go for a clean install.

Check/Do the folling.
- Remove all the DNS objects ( A / PTR  and any other record or CNAME of that server )
- Remove all the AD objects that are linked with this server. 

( if no clean install ) 
- clear the files out of folder /var/cache/samba /var/lib/samba from any files 

Reboot the server, and check all you logs for errors, solved them before you join the domain. 

Now join the domain again. 
Transfer all FSMO roles to this server. 

Repeat for next server, but leave the FSMO roles where they are now. 
Now check if you problem still exists. 

This ^^^^^ is what i personaly would do. 



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