[Samba] "server schannel = auto" in smb.conf needed for netapp ?

thom_schu at gmx.de thom_schu at gmx.de
Tue May 22 11:19:32 UTC 2018

we have a storage server "netapp 7-mode" and after an upgrade from samba 4.6 to samba 4.8 all cifs-shares the netapp exports didnt work anymore.
Our samba-servers work as classic domain controllers.

In the log file of the samba-server was the following message:

  "schannel required but client failed to offer it" (client = netapp)

Reading the release notes I found the attribute "server schannel", set it to "auto" and everything worked fine again.
Until now I didnt find a solution how to configure netapp, so that it communicates over a schannel.

So this message as a notification, that maybe I need the attribute "server schannel" for the future.



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