[Samba] RSAT Hang

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon May 21 17:07:16 UTC 2018

Should add...

I'm using the Internal Samba DNS, not BIND_DLZ.

I noticed that Louis and others appear to be using BIND, and get the feeling BIND is preferred...
Is there a good reason to avoid Samba internal DNS? I, at least in the case I'm testing for, will be using a regular BIND server for everything outside the AD site. [Samba/Active Directory is being setup in a 3rd level domain, which it will have exclusive control over. Like - sambadom.mydomain.com.]

GSvs> So, I setup Samba on Ubuntu 18.04, using the packaged Samba
GSvs> version. [Thanks Rowland/Louis et al.]

GSvs> I'm doing some testing/tinkering using FreeNAS as a share,
GSvs> using the AD as the authentication back-end.
GSvs> As part of that process, you need to add a computer account and change some security settings.

GSvs> I setup RSAT and can see the AD tree, and add users etc.
GSvs> When I try to switch to advanced view and view the security tab
GSvs> of a created user or computer account, it hangs and never
GSvs> returns the details I'm looking for.

GSvs> -The machine RSAT is on is pointed at the Samba server for DNS,
GSvs> and it's resolving queries properly.

GSvs> I can create user/computer accounts fine. It's just when I try
GSvs> to view the security tab, that things hang.
GSvs> A quick search doesn't seem to find anything.

GSvs> Nothing in the logs that seems relevant.
GSvs> Suggestions? [Just point me in the right general
GSvs> direction...unless you have something better...]

GSvs> -Greg

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