[Samba] AD dropping connection from storage cluster

Zdravko Zdravkov nirayah at gmail.com
Sat May 19 21:53:25 UTC 2018

Hi everyone.

Since yesterday we started experiencing very weird problem with our samba
AD server and our Isilon storage. This seems to affect only the storage, as
our Windows workstations are fine.
Suddenly the storage lost connectivity to the AD and so it's unable to
provide access to the SMB shares. I've tried rejoining without success and
Today I even created second AD dc for the sake of tests (using Fedora just
for the newer samba + bind packages). After fiddling around it eventually
started working and kept the connectivity for about 30-40 min. At that
point suddenly it dropped it again. One thing I noticed is that changing
any of the AD settings in the OneFS management page instantly get the
connection back for another 30 min.

I know, it may look as OneFS issue, but since Samba is involved as well I
decided to reach for some help or pointers for debugging this.

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