[Samba] CTDB Path

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Sat May 5 03:10:52 UTC 2018

Hi Micha,

On Fri, 4 May 2018 13:57:42 +0200, Micha Ballmann via samba
<samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> at this time i want to install a CTDB Cluster with SAMBA 4.7.7 from SOURCE!
> I compiled samba as follow:
> |./configure| |--with-cluster-support 
> ||--with-shared-modules=idmap_rid,idmap_tdb2,idmap_ad|
> The whole SAMBA enviroment is located in /usr/local/samba/.
> CTDB is located in /usr/local/samba/etc/ctdb.
> I guess right that the correct path of ctdbd.conf (node file, public 
> address file . . .) is located in /usr/loca/samba/etc/ctdb?

Yep, should be.

> Im a litte bit confused about 
> (https://ctdb.samba.org/manpages/ctdbd.conf.5.html):
> |/usr/local/etc/ctdb/
> | |/etc/sysconfig/ctdb
> |
> |/etc/default/ctdb

Hmmm... I'm a bit confused too!  The nice thing about standards is that
there are so many of them to choose from.  ;-)

/etc/sysconfig/ctdb and /etc/default/ctdb are used by
initscripts/packages on Linux distributions.  You may be able to ignore
them completely.

A couple of years ago we changed all the paths that we could find in
CTDB and its documentation to use the GNU default prefix of /usr/local/.
Until now I didn't know that the top-level Samba build installs
into /usr/local/samba/ by default!  I never thought to check...  :-(

However, we do modify the prefix when installing files, so they should
all be correct be correct on your system.

Can you please check the installed ctdbd.conf(5) manpage (and others) on
your system and let me know if the paths there reflect the reality of
where things are actually installed?

peace & happiness,

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