[Samba] Redirected folders no longer working correctly

Mark Foley mfoley at ohprs.org
Sat Mar 24 07:42:20 UTC 2018

I have a new problem. I'm currently running Samba4 4.4.16 as an AD/DC. I've been running this
AD/DC for several years now. I am using redirected folders. Up to now, domain users logging
onto any domain member Windows workstation would get their desktop. Recently I discovered that
users now only get their desktop on their "usual" workstation, and the Desktop Target is in
fact \\addcserver\Users\username\Desktop, whereas if they log onto some other domain member
workstations they do not get their desktop and the Desktop target is C:\Users\username\Desktop.

To my knowledge I have not changed any policies and have not even been into the Group Policy
editor for well over a year. 

Not only is this preventing useful logins to other workstations it also means I cannot upgrade
a user's computer. The user is only able to log into his old computer and get the desktop but if
logging into the upgraded computer, or any other domain computer, he does not get his desktop.

I upgraded a user about 3 months ago and it worked fine. Something must have happened between
now and then.

Ideas? I need to fix this!

THX --Mark

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