[Samba] LDAP: PDC to BDC replication issues

Harry Jede walk2sun at arcor.de
Tue Mar 13 16:19:58 UTC 2018

Am Dienstag, 13. März 2018, 11:21:17 CET schrieb Praveen Ghimire:
> Harry,
> Thank you.
> Unfortunately we don't have the choice of upgrading LDAP due to distro
> not supporting the newer version.  However we have managed to get it
> to work.  A lot of fiddling around.
> I do have another question though ;). Now that we have LDAP
> replicating, how do I transfer the "samba classic " PDC role to our
> BDC. I have read that using the domain master=yes in smb.conf is not
> enough.  Do I need to change the NS and SOA entry in our bind 9 hosts
> file to point to the existing BDC as we are not setting up Netbios
> entries in the client machine?  Also will wr need to make changes to
> other parameters in smb.conf?
Servers *must have* a "in-addr.arpa domain name pointer".

Check "os level" on old PDC in smb.conf, maybe:
os level             = 65

Now run these 4 commands on both PDC and BDC

# nmblookup -M <netbios domain name>
# nmblookup -M -- -
# host <ip address found>
# nmblookup -s /dev/null -R -T -S <short hostname found>

Go to new PDC
domain master=yes
 and set a "higher os level" on this machine

restart smbd and nmbd

Server election wil start in background, wait some minutes

Run the above 4 commands again, watch for <1d>. This is the current 

samples with output:
# nmblookup -M europa
querying europa on europa<1d>

# nmblookup -M -- -
querying __MSBROWSE__ on __MSBROWSE__<01>

# host domain name pointer capella.europa.xx.

# nmblookup -s /dev/null -R -T -S capella
querying capella on
capella.europa.xx, capella<00>
Looking up status of
	CAPELLA         <00> -         H <ACTIVE> 
	CAPELLA         <03> -         H <ACTIVE> 
	CAPELLA         <20> -         H <ACTIVE> 
	..__MSBROWSE__. <01> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE> 
	EUROPA          <1d> -         H <ACTIVE> 
	EUROPA          <1b> -         H <ACTIVE> 
	EUROPA          <1c> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE> 
	EUROPA          <1e> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE> 
	EUROPA          <00> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE> 

	MAC Address = 00-00-00-00-00-00

here "CAPELLA" is the server netbios name, the server ip
and  "EUROPA" is the netbios domain name.


	Harry Jede

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