[Samba] LDAP BDC- Classic Domain

Praveen Ghimire PGhimire at sundata.com.au
Thu Mar 8 03:02:26 UTC 2018

Hi Guys,

We're trying to add a  BDC in Samb4 classic domain setup.  The Samba 3 How -To and Samb3 by Example covers this but uses the old slapd.conf option, we are using the slapd.d config. I couldn't find a similar document for Samba4

Can you please advise that the following steps will work?  LDAP in the existing PDC is working using the smbldap tools

-          Setup the LDAP in BDC exactly like the PDC, including the ldifs.

-          Copy the /etc/passwd and /etc/groups from PDC to BDC

-          Remove the contents of the /var/lib/samba in BDC

-          Run the smbpasswd -a in BDC

-          net rpc getsid in BDC

-          Do we need join the BDC to the domain? If so , does the smb.conf in BDC will only have the following in the smb.conf before the join? The confusion on my part is if the machine is already a BDC with smb.conf stuff does it have to be added to the domain?

  workgroup = LIN

    netbios name = LIN-BDC

    password server = LIN-PDC

    security = domain

    client ipc signing = auto

-          If not then do we setup smb.conf with the whole ldap settings ? passdb backend = ldapsam : ldap: //LIN-PDC.LIN

-          How do we sync the ldap settings? Consumer-Provider model?  Setting up ldifs.

-          This is more a general question about BDC. The PDC has folders that have been shared. If we changed BDC to PDC, how will the folders be shared? If we define the shares in the BDC do we then  have to go //unc path of the share?


Praveen Ghimire

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