[Samba] AD DCs Upgrade

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Mon Mar 5 10:39:53 UTC 2018

I am planning to upgrade the DCs using the join and promote method.

List of DCs
3) DC1
4) DC2

Currently SAMBA1 is the PDC and SAMBA2 is the "SDC" and are in sync with replication and rsync sysvol. DCs SAMBA1 and SAMBA2 are 4.1 git releases with AD Schema version 47.

My plan to get to AD Schema version 69 was...

0. Add entries to the DHCP Server for the 2 new DCs for DNS.
1. Demote SAMBA2 and shut down computer.
2. Join DC1 (Samba 4.7) to the domain and check replication.
3. Promote and Seize FSMO roles on DC1 to be PDC.
4. Demote SAMBA1 (already done?) and shut down computer.
5. Join DC2 (Samba 4.7) to the domain and check replication.
6. Check all computers for correct DNS etc etc etc.

How does that sound?



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