[Samba] updating question

Robert Wooden bob at donelsontrophy.com
Sat Mar 3 16:29:39 UTC 2018

I have existing domain controllers running v4.6.7 installed from source (on
Ubuntu OS.)

I see that the install from source system requirements have changed for
Debian/Ubuntu OS on the
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Operating_System_Requirements page.

There are some additional packages listed that were not in my original
build of v4.6.7.

The additional packages include libarchive-dev, python-dbg,
python3-dnspython, python3-gpgme, python-markdown, python3-markdown, &

Do I need to add these recently added packages to my existing OS prior to
upgrading to v4.7.5?


Thank you.

Bob Wooden

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