[Samba] samba 2.4.6 to 2.4.7 update on Fedora update 26 to 27, can't connect to shares

Norman Gaywood ngaywood at une.edu.au
Sat Mar 3 09:37:09 UTC 2018

Thanks Rowland,

On 3 March 2018 at 19:31, Rowland Penny via samba <samba at lists.samba.org>
> No, that is how the 'rid' backend works.

Would love to know what my misconceptions are. But yeah, this is not a
tutorial group :-)

> > I'm thinking perhaps I should implement an idmap_script backend that
> > does something similar to idmap_nis.sh
> Well, you could, but I feel you are missing the whole point behind AD,

I get the central management thing. Point is we are centrally managing
users. It's done by the identity management system. The IDM provisions both
LDAP and AD (and other targets). Passwords and many other attributes are
also managed centrally.

To get new attributes in AD would require probably 6 months of change
requests, committees, contractors, stuff-ups, and all the rest that goes
with working in big organization :-(

Point is the samba update from 4.6.x to 4.7.x broke my samba shares and the
problem seems to be in how idmap is handled now.

My fault for not doing enough testing, but this is where I am now.

Rolling back samba is difficult also. Means I would have to install outside
the package management system, I don't want go back to those days.

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.
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