[Samba] Active directory sites & subnets

lingpanda101 lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 16:06:31 UTC 2018

On 6/27/2018 11:44 AM, Elias Pereira via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> Reading about, specifically in the wiki
> <https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Active_Directory_Sites> link, says the
> following about subnets.
> "Create a subnet entry for all subnets in your network and assign them to a
> site:"
> The subnet on which our DCs are configured is a public IP block, but the
> client machines are in a subnet with a private address block.
> Do I need to configure all the subnets that we have in our network or only
> to which the DCs are configured?
You should add all your subnets in your network. If you have hundreds of 
subnets, just use a CIDR notation such as ie., if needed, so 
as to not type them all out. For DC's that are not present on a subnet, 
assign the subnet to the closet site to a DC.



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