[Samba] Setting up windows 10 clients and depoy it.

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I'd love to see it too. 
Don't worry about cleaning it up, I'd rather have something cluttered and less than perfect than nothing. :)


LPHvBvs> Hi Luke, 
LPHvBvs> Thank you for the responce. 
LPHvBvs> Well, im every interested then als in your "internal" document.. 
LPHvBvs> I just discovered it and any tips/info howtos etc are a nice to have. 
LPHvBvs> then i have something extra to read in my holiday. 
LPHvBvs> Best regards, 
LPHvBvs> Louis

LPHvBvs> Van: Luke Barone [mailto:lukebarone at gmail.com] 
LPHvBvs> Verzonden: woensdag 20 juni 2018 17:07
LPHvBvs> Aan: L.P.H. van Belle
LPHvBvs> CC: samba
LPHvBvs> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Setting up windows 10 clients and depoy it.

LPHvBvs> Louis, 

LPHvBvs> We've been using FOG at my work site for years, and we love
LPHvBvs> it! I wrote an internal document expanding a lot of FOG's
LPHvBvs> capabilities, including creating the generalized Windows 10
LPHvBvs> image, joining to the domain, adding the Wifi key
LPHvBvs> automatically, etc. You can also use FOG for managing
LPHvBvs> printers, if you choose, instead of deploying with GPO.

LPHvBvs> On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 5:13 AM L.P.H. van Belle via samba
LPHvBvs> <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

LPHvBvs> Hai guys, 
LPHvBvs> I wanted to share the following site, not my site, but in my
LPHvBvs> opinion, a very good setup for a windows image/deploy server. 
LPHvBvs> And im Dutch so its free ;-) ... :-)) 
LPHvBvs> See :  https://deployhappiness.com/ and https://fogproject.org/ 
LPHvBvs> i've just finished a deploy setup with fogserver and the
LPHvBvs> info from deployhappiness.com 
LPHvBvs> Some of direct links i used: 
LPHvBvs> https://www.ceos3c.com/sysadmin/create-generalized-windows-10-image-deploy-fog-server/
LPHvBvs> https://deployhappiness.com/find-serial-numbers-in-active-directory/ 
LPHvBvs> https://deployhappiness.com/active-directory-inventory-for-hardware/ 
LPHvBvs> https://deployhappiness.com/series/managing-the-dell-bios/ 
LPHvBvs> Results now for me in..( the short version ) 
LPHvBvs> I push a button on my webinterface of my fogserver. 
LPHvBvs> That starts my pc ( WOL-PXE ) in PXE mode, images my pc,
LPHvBvs> reboots, joins the domain and i install my software through GPO at login.
LPHvBvs> And this is a snap of the options, more is possible. 
LPHvBvs> Do note, this is NOT a beginners setup, but i do advice
LPHvBvs> everybody the create-generalized widnows 10 image setup. 
LPHvBvs> Even if you dont have a deploy server, create a base and
LPHvBvs> image it just after the sysprep and shutdown command. 
LPHvBvs> But all links show very interesting things that can/might
LPHvBvs> help you in reducing your time in managing your network. 
LPHvBvs> My holiday tips for you, so you have something todo also when im gone..  :-))
LPHvBvs> ;-) 
LPHvBvs> Greetz, 
LPHvBvs> Louis

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