[Samba] Recurrent DNS issues after DC loss

Ole Traupe ole.traupe at tu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 7 11:51:16 UTC 2018

On 06.06.2018 21:54, lingpanda101 wrote:
> On 6/6/2018 11:02 AM, Ole Traupe via samba wrote:
>> On 06.06.2018 16:02, Rowland Penny via samba wrote:
>>>> I seem to remember having read here on the list, that it is no good
>>>> idea to mix samba versions in a domain. If there is sound advice to
>>>> do it anyways, I would be up for trying it. However, as I have
>>>> written above, I messed up the uid/gid ranges. To my understanding,
>>>> later versions of Samba (like 4.5) _require_ the ranges to comply to
>>>> the defaults as denoted by the wiki.
>>> There is nothing to stop you using different versions on DCs and you
>>> can do the same with Unix domain members, unless you are using the 'ad'
>>> backend  and are NOT using Domain Users as the users Unix primary 
>>> group.
>>> It is however, best practise to use the same major version, just to get
>>> similar capabilities on all machines.
>> So in theory, if I hadn't messed up my id map ranges (domain groups 
>> start with 2000), and if I hadn't begun removing stuff manually, and 
>> if I wouldn't use Domain Users as primary group, I could have joined 
>> an up-to-date DC and used the new script for demoting the dead one.
>> I am not trying to sound sarcastic. I am trying to understand, and 
>> see whether perhaps there is still hope for such a maneuver.
>> Ole
> Ole,
>     Yes. However can you point me to the patch notes where you 
> indicate you are unable to upgrade? I don't see why you still can't 
> join a new machine if you cleanup the current DC. I assume reading the 
> patch notes would clarify this for me.
> -James

I will try to find that section again. At first glance, I did not find 
this information in patch notes 4.3-4.5. But I seem to remember having 
read that, and I also remember a conversion with Rowland a while ago 
leaving me with the impression that having different (lower) id ranges 
defined will be a show-stopper for upgrading beyond a certain point. I 
will try to find those emails again.


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