[Samba] CTDB over WAN Link with LMASTER/RECMASTER Disabled

Mike Ruebner samba at machichemicals.com
Sun Jun 3 01:32:00 UTC 2018


I came across the 'CTDB_CAPABILITY_LMASTER=no' and 'CTDB_CAPABILITY_RECMASTER=no' options in my quest to salvage a rather poorly performing CTDB cluster over Ceph(fs). Unfortunately, the docs provide not enough information for a clustering noop like myself. Would there be any benefit to disabling those options for a branch office node on a high-latency WAN connection?

Throughput maxes out at 20 Mbit/sec, with latency in the 20 - 30 ms range. I am mostly concerned about SMB read/list performance which drops significantly for folders with an object count >1000. Share mount is Cephfs over Ceph Kraken/Jewel.

Any pointers greatly appreciated!


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