[Samba] winbind, nsswitch, AD and group membership caching?

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Fri Jun 1 14:21:23 UTC 2018

El 01/06/18 a les 12:05, Rowland Penny via samba ha escrit:

> Have the users logged in ? If not, then this is the expected behaviour.
>  From the release notes for 4.6.0:

This can't be right?
I have servers where users are supposed to *never* login (and in fact 
they never do) but I need to check group membership. And it works[*]. 
The changes made in the DC are visible after the "winbind cache time" or 
after restarting winbind.
The specific server where I tested is running 4.6.12.

[*] More or less. Sometimes winbind stops working but I have a cron-job 
that checks and restarts it if necessary.

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