[Samba] Louis; re:your repo and Ubuntu 18.04

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Tue Jul 31 19:34:28 UTC 2018

>> A substantial reason I'm not using debian/devuan is LTS support. 

RPvs> Debian has its own version of LTS: https://wiki.debian.org/LTS

Yeah, I've seen that. Not a lot of faith in it though. It sounds a lot like "trust me, someone's going to do it." [I know, cheap, quick, well done - and I want all three. Sigh.] If they'd been doing it the last five years and it worked, then I'd feel better about it.

>> glad to be schooled in that regard, if someone has arguments to make.
>> But I generally want to install a VM/Server/Box for a client and
>> leave it alone as much as possible for as long as possible, and while
>> it still works as initially designed. Less drama for me (less income
>> perhaps too) and I can leave it sit, knowing that security patches
>> are going to get applied and I don't need to do much, other than to
>> watch that it stays healthy.

RPvs> Also know as 'sit and let it bit-rot' ;-)

MMMM. Bit-rot! Delicious! [Or does it get *better* with age, like Whiskey?]

>> So, how do you all handle the Debian, IIRC, two year cycle? Do Debian
>> upgrades go off pretty smoothly, so you have a 99% chance of moving
>> from, say, jessie to stretch without any hassles other than mostly
>> "apt-get distro upgrade" or whatever it is?

RPvs> Can only speak for myself, but dist-upgrade has always worked for me,
RPvs> okay there might be minor glitches, but never anything major.

RPvs> Having said that, it might be slightly easier to install a new OS and
RPvs> the latest version of Samba, especially if it is a DC.

>> Some of that angst gets less potent as more stuff moves to VM's etc.
>> But even then, it's not a totally trivial concern either.

RPvs> For a DC it is trivial ;-) and not much harder for a Unix domain member.

So, lets assume I've got a samba DC - pure samba, no Win AD boxes at all.

Rather than upgrading the in-place DC's you'd might simply spin up a new DC join it to the domain, and then migrate everything [roles] etc?
Is there any downside to doing that?

[And that does get around version upgrades, and follows how I generally like to do things - spin up new, and never upgrade an in-place setup. That way, if something really goes south, I can simply turn the "old" one back on and try again.]

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