[Samba] Louis; re:your repo and Ubuntu 18.04

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Jul 30 15:21:36 UTC 2018

So, Louis - I'm quite interested in using your repo for Samba support on 18.04.
You note there's some detail on it on the github site - but I don't seem to find it.

Also - while I know it's all just best intentions etc - is this something you intend to do for a while?
[I'd be glad to toss some $$$ your way to help, if that's helpful. I'd toss some bucks to SerNet - but while the costs aren't massive, they do charge quite a lot for small shops, when you add the Sernet fees over, say, five years - for a few servers.]

1) Is this something you intend to do for a while?
2) Do you have a link to your Ubuntu FAQ for using your repo?

3) Thanks for all the help you've given me - especially the walk-through for Ubuntu 18.04 a while back. I got a working install on 18.04 a lot quicker as a result. I may give that up for using your current repo on Ubuntu - but we'll see.

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