[Samba] Volume Activation with Samba AD

Thomas Glanzmann thomas at glanzmann.de
Tue Jul 24 16:34:07 UTC 2018

Hello Christian,

> what I meant is not acting as a KMS server but something new Microsoft
> introduced. In windows 10 the tool vor managing Volume Licences asks if
> you have a KMS server or if you want to use AD for activating the
> software. I haven't tried it yet as I would need to setup a test
> environment.
> So I asked here to see if somebody tried it before. I can test this with
> samba but I don't have a Windows AD so can not help there.

from my understanding is. You have a KMS server on the network. You set
a DNS record. Than Windows tries to connect to the KMS server and
activates itself. If you miss that DNS record, you can do it manually:

Here is an example request:

18:13:08.769942 IP > 54581+ SRV?  _VLMCS._TCP.gmvl.de. (37)

Here is how you do it manually:

slmgr -skms <kmsserver>
slmgr -ato

The keys you put in Windows are the same for everyone:



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