[Samba] Samba and CNAME

Henry Jensen hjensen at mailbox.org
Sun Jul 22 13:00:58 UTC 2018


we successfully migrated from a Samba 3.x NT Domain to a Samba AD Domain
using Samba 4.7.x.

However, there are still some issues and I hope for your help.

The biggest problem so far follows:

For historical reasons our Samba file servers carry a lot of aliases.
Now that they have become AD Members I did set a lot of CNAMEs in the AD
DNS (using the Windows DNS Tool). Most of the aliases do work, but not
the CNAMEs which carry the name of server which did previuosly exit.

E.g. we used to have a server named smb6. I rsync'd the content to a
new server named smb8, shut down the old server  and set a CNAME smb6
pointing to smb8.

Using Windows 7 no problem to access the server with \\smb6.

Using Windows 10 I can't access it. \\smb8 and other CNAMEs do work.

Then I deleted the smb6 computer account in AD.

Then I found out, that I might have to add a Kerberos SPN, which
I did using:

  samba-tool spn add HOST/smb6 smb8$

Still no luck accessing that server unter this specific CNAME unter
Windows 10.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,


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