[Samba] Debian Stretch Samba Packages 4.8.3 available (amd64/i386)

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jul 19 12:18:33 UTC 2018

Hi guys, 
It's finaly done... 
The samba 4.8.3 packages for Debian Stretch are available on my apt : http://apt.van-belle.nl
The buildlogs are here :  http://downloads.van-belle.nl/samba4/Buildlogs/stretch/  
No changes, from my side. check the Samba change log for whats changed. 
Only ldb is updated to 1.3.4. 
If you upgradeing from 4.5.x - 4.7.x to 4.8.x. 
Do have a look here : http://downloads.van-belle.nl/samba4/Upgrade-info.txt  
Its a snap of the samba change logs list, summerized and it cointains a few tips for the upgrades from jessie to stretch. 
If you setup new then i suggest, have a look here : https://github.com/thctlo/samba4/tree/master/howtos 
My howtos how i did setup my servers. 
If you have tested these of your using these, drop a note in the list, what you like or dont like. 
You can use this on an Ubuntu 18.04, but do note, these are Debian packages. 
Howto : 
And a small fix. 
The "time" server set up. DC's and Members explained. 

Have fun with these. 


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