[Samba] Logging-in takes 1 hour when changing computers

Miguel Medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Wed Jul 18 20:25:36 UTC 2018

> Go on, spoil us by actually giving us some information, such as what
> distro is the DC running on ?, what is in smb.conf, what are your
> clients running etc etc.

The exact same thing just happened to me today, after joining a new 
workstation to our domain. When a new user logged in to the computer for 
the first time, the profile creation phase went on a disk trashing 
rampage for a VERY LONG time, until the user gave up and finally pressed 
the power button. After reboot, however, he was able to log in very 
quickly and the user's environment had indeed been created and Group 
Policies properly applied.

The workstation is running Windows 10. The domain is served by two DCs, 
both running Samba 4.8.3, one of them over CentOS 6.9 and the other over 
CentOS 7.4. The Kerberos used is the Heimdal one.

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