[Samba] What happens if I turn the DC off?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Jul 18 08:51:11 UTC 2018

Yes, PC's wil notice it. 

I suggest. 
Powerdown the DC, replug the power to outlet and boot the DC. 
If the DC is only DC, then this should be done within a few min. 

Now switch the UPS Battery. Test the UPS. 

Users stay authenticated but yes, the will notice slow down. 
But its only a few min. 

I really advice the above, because if the UPS is old, the battery might blown up, 
resulting in, giving you a headage in replacing the battery quickly.
but thats my experiance with UPC battery replacements.. 
If the battery has expanded to much you even wont get them out. 
Know that, been there.. ;-) 



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] What happens if I turn the DC off?
> I assume I know it ... but I think this is worth being discussed and 
> clarified.
> At a customer we have 1 samba DC and 1 samba DM = fileserver.
> The DC is supported by a small UPS and the battery in that UPS is 
> getting old and tells me to replace it.
> While it might be possible to swap the battery "online" I 
> prefer to shut 
> the supplied server(s) down and do it offline.
> That means turning the DC off.
> And now the question(s): will the PCs notice that? Is it 
> possible to use 
> network shares etc while the DC is offline for about 10 
> minutes? Or will 
> the PCs hit problems right away?
> I understand that logins might fail, sure, but maybe the 
> authenticated 
> connections to the DM could be maintained by the DM itself 
> for a short 
> period of time?
> Sorry if I ask obvious things here or show my 
> misunderstanding ... but I 
> never tried that and wonder what happens.
> Sure, a 2nd DC would be much better, I know.
> And selecting a maintenance window for doing all this will 
> also be possible.
> Stefan
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