[Samba] Need advice on upgrading from 4.3.11 to 4.8.3

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Mon Jul 16 09:47:30 UTC 2018

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 08:48:45 +0000
Paul Littlefield via samba <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> On 15/07/2018 21:27, Taner Tas via samba wrote:
> > We have a Samba AD DC service running on Ubuntu 16.0.4 with Samba
> > 4.3.11. We are planning to upgrade it to a recent version, probably
> > 4.8.3.
> Yes, Penny is spot on.
> I have recently performed a similar task in a production environment.
> 1. Test the whole procedure at home with VMs, where I took a copy of
> the current VM, then created a new 4.8.x VM and followed through the
> join and demote, then tested logging on, RSAT and various Domain
> related tasks... lots of interesting things cropped up which I dealt
> with and redid it all AGAIN :)
> 2. Out of office hours, BACKUP the current VM just before you do it.
> 3. Create new VM with stable 4.8.x, join, check replication and
> TRANSFER roles.
> 4. Make sure you can logon clients, print, browse internet, etc.
> Check that any Windows Servers have the correct DNS and using RSAT
> tools check that both DCs are replicating, etc.
> 5. Create another same new VM with 4.8.x and join to Domain. Check
> replication to all 3.
> 6. POWER OFF the old VM and then do some more testing without it ON.
> 7. If you ready, start up the old VM and then demote it... check all
> has gone using RSAT tools (I had to manually remove _loads_ in DNS
> manually).
> 8. POWER OFF THE OLD VM, TURN OFF AUTOSTART (or check you have a
> backup then DELETE it from your VM environment)
> 9. More checks and then BACKUP both new DCs then come in early on
> Monday morning to be sure :)
> Penny, does all that sound OK?
> Paul

Yes Littlefield. it does ;-)


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