[Samba] A few questions and propostions on the samba architecture

Anton Engelhardt engelhardt.anton at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 09:14:02 UTC 2018

That explains why there is so little information on ldb and sqlite.

 From my pov sqlite just seemed interesting, as it has a well known 
syntax and the ability to embedd a transparent logic layer. As there is 
no effort to use sqlite (or sql) in the future , I just burried that path.

As for compability I would strongly suggest to stay where Microsoft left 
off, before killing the "UNIX Attributes" tab in Windows10 RSAT.

I understand the disire too keep things as compatible as possible, but 
on the other hand open source software usually offers way more flexibility.

in my head there are 2 solutions, which should be completly client 
compatible and introduce no behavioral change:

 1. interval poll all class=user objects where uid=NULL, get values from
    above mentioned entries, compose an update transaction (thats the
    "Just write a powershell script" variant)
 2. same as 1, just with some sort of trigger (or better filtered
    subscriptions) for external scripts in samba

What I also have in mind with this architecture would be something like 
password tokens, but keep in mind this is just a thought.

The password passed on to ldap auth could be, if the user has an 
attriblue like "requreToken", stripped of like the last 6 chars, which 
represent the token. The password is matched against the hased password 
in the ldap user entry, the token is processed in an external app, if 
both are a success, login is fine. This propably would require kerberos 
tickets, as the password is constantly changing, but would introduce a 
lot of flexibility, for those who dare.

In terms of internal scripting, is there already anything in samba?

Am 13.07.2018 um 10:25 schrieb Andrew Bartlett:
> On Fri, 2018-07-13 at 09:36 +0200, Anton Engelhardt via samba wrote:
>> Due to a few problems I encountered I had a tiny look at the samba code
>> and gut a few questions, statements and propositions. Please by all
>> means, correct me if I got something wrong.
>>   1. besides filestore for shares and config files samba uses ldb as an
>>      exclusive storage backend
>>       1. LDB supports TDB, LDAP and SQLITE3 backend
>>       2. Samba hard codes to TDB files like "sam.ldb"
>>   2. ldap does not support any server side actions
>>       1. Not possible to implement "on create class user
>>          uidNumber=get_next_free_uid()"
>>       2. Only possible to define required/optional attributes
>>       3. ldap service is provided trough ldb-ldap -> tdb
>> I don't know if it is a good idea, but when using something like sqlite3
>> it would be possible to use "CREATE TRIGGER", to perform some automation
>> magic on server side, like giving out uidNumber and gidNumber.
>> Or even use "CREATE VIEW" with "CREATE TRIGGER" to implement fancy stuff
>> like server side transparent password token validation.
>> Depending on my undarstanding of the current architecture and the state
>> of the ldb sqlite backend this would seem like the easiest approach,
>> correct me if I'm too far off.
> Using ldb_sqlite wouldn't help, as we don't use it in a smart way, it
> was added (and then left unmaintained, we really should remove it) in
> the hope of getting transaction support, but instead that was gained
> via tdb.
> The uidNumber and gidNumber changes you desire are reasonable, and we
> could do those in the samldb module or similar.  We haven't done so
> because:
>   - at the time we were trying to match Windows AD behaviour exactly.
>   - the allocation needs to be stateless or manage the free id pool like
> the RID pool.
> (Because we need to ensure that two users created at the same time on
> different servers don't overlap uids)
> My preference is to have these modules use the same RID+offset
> algorithm that sssd uses, and leverage the RID as a unique value.
> The key would be to make this relatively compatible with the settings
> used in winbindd on the file server, so if that RID base were
> inappropriate another could be chosen via idmap_rid.
> However I've not had the time to implement this, sadly.
> Andrew Bartlett

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