[Samba] NMBD

Dvorcovoy Dmitry V. dvorc at bsu.by
Wed Jul 4 19:58:18 UTC 2018

I tried to replace Windows 2003 server, which was AD controlled once, but not anymore.

Now it is a standalone server without any shares and accounts.

But there are some users in our big organization who still hardprint their WINS settings, so I can't just transfer everybody to the new ones by DHCP. And because of DNS problems (I have to use DNS_rewrite), I can't use this address for some new windows server.

And (because I foresee your next advice) I can't disable WINS completely because we have some old but critical servers with copyrighted soft.

I need just a NetBIOS names cache.

I already tried and everything works: NMBD is caching names, even when SMBD stopped.

But I see there are a huge bunch of packent I do not use nor can delete.

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