[Samba] Migrate openLDAP into Samba AD

Michal67M at seznam.cz Michal67M at seznam.cz
Tue Jul 3 11:04:55 UTC 2018

"I had a quick look at Fusion Directory and it seems to be making the 
same mistake that all the others do, it is ignoring AD and is 
concentrating on NT4-style domains. These are dying and I believe 
before long, Microsoft will finally shut the door on them, they are 
well on the way now. 

Rowland "

 As for our samba3  NT4 domain, 1803 Win10 built (april update) is a no-go. 
New pcs can not be added to the domain and users can not log into the 
domain. So it seems to me the door was shut just now.



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