[Samba] Migrate openLDAP into Samba AD

Jakob Lenfers lenfers at bigsss-bremen.de
Tue Jul 3 07:50:35 UTC 2018

Am 02.07.2018 um 15:13 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:

> You really need to speak to Louis about email, but I think he would
> suggest investigating Kopano.

I like it and checked it out in the past, but I cannot rent software, I
can only buy. And nightly builds in the CE aren't my cup of tea.

>> Nextcloud works out of the box, but if I want to manage quotas there,
>> I'll need to use extra attributes...
> Is there a schema available ?

Not that I know of, but you can configure Nextcloud to use any
attribute, so we created our own attribute in our schema for nextcloud:

> attributetype ( NAME 'owncloudQuota'
>         DESC 'Quota for ownCloud'
>         EQUALITY integerMatch
>         SYNTAX
>         SINGLE-VALUE )

>> ... which I need to configure somehow. Does anybody have good advice
>> in that regard? GOsa seems to be dead (that's what we are using now,
>> I fear it'll die with our last server supporting PHP5), LAM has to be
>> rented, which I cannot do. 
> There is a free version of LAM, but there are some restrictions.

As far as I understood, it also restricts managing your own attributes,
which would be necessary for me.

>> Maybe I'll just use a general purpose LDAP
>> client, then I'll be independent from that kind of developments. But
>> if anybody is in a similar situation and has a good tool I missed, I
>> would be grateful.
> Wouldn't we all ;-)
> Have considered writing your own scripts around ldapsearch etc ?

Sure, but I prefer tested solutions. But if I don't find anything
suitable, maybe we'll really do a simple web interface...

I got another hint off list, GOsa was forked into Fusion Directory. Will
check this out as well.

Thanks, this shows me at least that I didn't miss anything obvious.


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