[Samba] Migrate openLDAP into Samba AD

Jakob Lenfers lenfers at bigsss-bremen.de
Mon Jul 2 08:19:29 UTC 2018


we moved (or still are moving) our users manually from our Samba NT4
Domain with LDAP to a Samba AD (4.7.6). We had a few schema extensions
in our openLDAP to feed some services (dovecot mail settings, nextcloud
quota, ...). I would prefer to have only one place for our users, but
I'm new to AD. I've read that I can extend the schema, which seems not
too different from openLDAP, even though the documentation states it is
a bit dangerous.

So my questions are I guess:

- Is it feasible to authenticate and feed some user settings to services
like dovecot and nextcloud with a Samba AD?

- How would I edit my attributes? I doubt there will be a tab in the
windows dialog (dsa.msc) we use now...

- Alternatively, is there a useful way to chain both services? As far as
I've read, the AD cannot use openLDAP for passwords (which would have
been great for me...), is it possible the other way around?


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