[Samba] Browsing in AD networks

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Mon Jan 15 15:08:11 UTC 2018


sorry to bother you with probably another stupid question, but googl'ing
didn't help here. Can someone give me an overview of how network
browsing from windows workstations is supposed to work in AD networks?

I have recently upgraded a samba server running an NT4-style domain with
classicupgrade. The workstations are Windows 7 (with the registry fix
applied to be able to join an NT4 domain, if that matters). After the
classicupgrade, the network neighbourhood on the windows workstations
was empty, with a yellow bar prompting me to enable network discovery. I
learned that this is the default, but I should still be able to see file
servers in AD. The problem is, I don't. I can click on "Browse Active
Directory", search for computers and then I can see them, but I don't
think this is how it should be.
Even after enabling network discovery, I only get an incomplete list of
4 workstations on the network, which does not include the server. I
could see with nbstat that one of the shown workstations has now
registered the __msbrowse__ name. But I also learned that samba doesn't
support browsing/nmbd on a DC. How do I get the list back?


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