[Samba] Home folder: a simple mapping or something more?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Jan 15 12:24:21 UTC 2018

Hai Marco, 

If it does not work, that it probely has todo with "NT Authority\SYSTEM" and winbindd bugs.

And howto test that. 
Create a few shares and on one set :  
acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes

If you setup like this: ( which matches the MS preffered setting ) 

And same for any software deploy folder. ( same also for the Sysvol folder ) 
These al work much better if you setup with acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes.
! Beware, if you setup like this you MUST set all rights again, share and file/folder rights. 

Now i have not tested this lately since my setup uses acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes a lot,
on all places only windows is accessing my shares and this results in a much better working setup. 

And all my redirected folders point to UNC path's, not driver letters, i have these also and both work fine.

Is a bad example imo.., this part is the "bad" part of it. ! There is no need to make registry keys. ! 
If setup correctly, this works fine as it should. 

Set the following:
 Action: Replace
 Key Path: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
 Value name: For example, to redirect the Documents folder, enter: Personal
For a list of other registry keys of folders you can redirect, see the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders entry in your local Windows registry. Value type: REG_EXPAND_SZ
 Value data: For example: \\server\%USERNAME%\Documents
Windows automatically replaces the %USERNAME% variable with the name of the current user when the policy is applied.

There is only one "but"... 
If you setup with RFC2307, and you did add the profiles and/or user homedir in ( like : \\server\users\%username% ) 
And you add an UID after that, you wont be able to use the user home folder since it was created with an other UID!.

The order of what you do and how you do it is important here.



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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Home folder: a simple mapping or something more?
> Probably this email is connected with my previous one, about folder
> redirection.
> Looking at:
> 	https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/User_Home_Folders
> for AD there's three method to set home folder. ADUC and 
> ldbedit is the
> same, simply using different interfaces.
> But setting a folder mapping via GPO, AFAI've understood, it 
> is not exactly
> the same as setting home folder.
> Or better, setting a home folder trigger automatically a folder
> mapping, but probably do something more, eg define some more variables
> (HOMEDRIVE, HOMEPATH, ...), and even doing something more.
> For example, i think that folder redirection does not work, because
> there's no 'home drive', i'm using policy.
> Probably these variables are used in installers on in softwares too...
> Someone can confirm this? Someone have some clue on the differences in
> using 'home drive' or a simple mapped network drive?
> Thanks.
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