[Samba] 65534 rows & c.

Barbara M. barbara at rfx.it
Sun Jan 14 23:11:30 UTC 2018

On Sat, 13 Jan 2018, Rowland Penny wrote:

>> I have a samba file server that I created about 20 years ago and in
>> the time I have done the little updates needed to new server (when I
>> move to a new server I copy config and adapt if needed).
>> It only do public file sharing.
>> Some weeks ago a client stopped to connect to the share.
>> Only this client (Win 10 updated to 1703 or 1709).
>> It can connect to other windows shares or linux samba shares, but not
>> to this server..
>> Any attempt end in a messagge like "can't connect to \\GWLAN   check
>> ortography ..." (translation from Italian original message)
> Microsoft has turned off SMBv1 in windows 10, so this is likely to be
> your reason (note that I don't say problem), try adding this to
> smb.conf:
> server min protocol = smb2
> Then restart Samba.

It worked fine until some weeks ago.
I reinstalled the box and worked fine for a couple of weeks (this box is 
only used about twice for week).
I have about 10 other boxes with windows 10 that works without problems 
(some always on other sporadic guests).
Like the 2016 boxe (that seems to generate the other "problem" of the 
65534 rows in the smbstatus report).
And some Win 7, Win XP, ...

Anyway, tried your hint.
No difference for the specific win 10 client. Still can't connect.
All other Win 10 and the 2016 tested still works as usual.
smbstatus still reports the "strange" rows:

Samba version 4.5.12-Debian
PID     Username     Group        Machine 
Protocol Version  Encryption           Signing
6358    mondo        mondo (ipv4:    SMB3_11           -                    -
6358    mondo        mondo (ipv4:    SMB3_11           -                    -
6358    mondo        mondo (ipv4:    SMB3_11           -                    -
  . . .

but only 16650 (until now).

The only real difference is that a couple of old VMs with win 98 (yes 
there is the need to keep them alive), now can't connect to the server :-)

Thanks, B.

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