[Samba] Access to Windows 2016 server works with IP but not with netbios name

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 15:58:54 UTC 2018

Can you clarify -  are they trying to access the samba server from a Win 
2016 machine?     Is this a classic domain or AD domain?

Do you have a WINS server defined?      Can you access via a fully 
qualified domain name (e.g. myserver.mydomain.com.)     I had an issue 
several years back where users connecting over VPN could access by IP 
but not my short name.       The problem was that the VPN was blocking 
at least some netbios traffic (137-139) which meant that anything 
relying on netbios names failed.    If you could connect via IP address 
of fully qualified domain  name then you were by passing netbios name 
resolution issues and connecting directly to port 445.

I have run into several issues with classic domains with SMB3 and 
Windows 10 (which presumably would apply to Win 2016 as well.) Windows 
10 would try to negotiate SMBv3 with some servers and would fail.  (This 
may have been samba 4 servers so I don't think this applies to you.)     
I also had problems with Win 7 and Windows 2008 and SMB v2, especially 
with multiple users connecting via remote desktop to Windows 2008.      
The first use could map a drive but not successive users.        You may 
want to explicitly set your samba servers to use SMB v2 as the max 
protocol or even Samba 1.x.

I also run into an issue with drive mapping using short name vs long 
name in a classic domain.   If my DNS domain is mycompany.com, and my 
samba domain is  TECH, then if I may a drive to myserver.mydomain.com 
there is a discrepancy between the Samba domain name and the DNS domain 
name.     This didn't cause problems with Windows itself but it did with 
Office 2013 after some updates.   Office would not open files determined 
to be from an untrusted source.

I migrated away from a classic domain to a true AD domain so a lot of my 
netbios and name resolution issues went away.

On 01/12/2018 10:19 AM, Rob Marshall via samba wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a customer who is able to access shares using the IP address of the
> Samba server (running 3.6.x - sorry, can't upgrade) but when they try to
> access the share using the short (netbios) name, they get "access denied"
> and are prompted for a username/password.
> Where would I look to figure out what's going wrong?
> Thanks,
> Rob

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