[Samba] Fwd: Migrating server

Rob Thoman emailthomasrob at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 08:11:25 UTC 2018

Hi Guys,
Have not had any feedback on this. I found the following article but not
sure if it is valid


We have an upcoming project to migrate Samba first into a new Hardware then
the AD migration. Our hardware is old and we need to migrate.
Please allow me to explain the current setup

- Server : Physical
- OS: Ubuntu 12.04 running Samba 3.6.3.  Even though it is running Samba 4,
we are using configs from Samba3.
- Roles: DC, DNS , DHCP and Shares
- Database: TDB
- Clients: Mix of Windows 7 and 10 joined to the domain

Here is what we are planning, high level

- Add a new Samba 4 server (VM in a new hardware). Join it to the existing
- Promote this server as DC in the Samba 3 environment ,
 - Migrate the DNS, DHCP from Samba 3 to Samba 4 server
- Demote the old Samba box as Domain Controller, leave the Shares in the
old server

- Take a copy of the new samba DC VM and test NT4 to AD migration using the
classic upgrade

The urgency is do get Phase1 done but Phase2 is approved.

What we would like to know if conceptually the above makes sense and is
doable? The bit we are not very sure about is Adding the BDC and demoting
the PDC. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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