[Samba] vfs_shadow_copy2 with snapprefix & delimiter options in samba 4.6.2

Edouard Guigné eguigne at pasteur-cayenne.fr
Fri Feb 16 16:50:26 UTC 2018

Hello Dear Samba Users,

I have sucessfully set a samba share on a centos 7 box (samba 4.6.2) and 
succeeded into make work snapshots (vfs_shadow_copy2 with xfs and lvm).
The snapshots appears well in windows previous versions.

However, I expected to go further with snapshots and use the options 
"shadow:snapprefix" and "shadow:delimiter"in order to filter daily, 
weekly snapshots...
I did not succeed to do it ; nothing is displayed in windows previous 
versions when "shadow:snapprefix" and "shadow:delimiter" are set.

My snapshots are with the following format, e.g. for daily snapshots : 
I tried
shadow:snapprefix = ^d[A-Za-z0-9]*y$
shadow:delimiter = _IPG_
shadow:format = %Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S

I find an example at 
and I also notice that there is a bug :

May you help me to configure snapprefix and delimiter options ?

Best Regards,

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