[Samba] ACL not set from Microsoft

Matteo Maretto matteo.maretto at terredargine.it
Thu Feb 15 12:36:54 UTC 2018

I missed than one. Very useful hint.
Now I can set ACLs again.
Thank you.

Il 15/02/2018 13:23, Miguel Medalha ha scritto:
> Here's what I was looking for.
> On Tue Mar 22 08:19:42 UTC 2016 Uri Simchoni posted the following to 
> the samba-technical mailing list:
> "Attached patch avoids setting the POSIX ACLs to match the NT ACLs, if 
> "ignore system acls" is set. I believe this new behavior is more 
> consistent with the vfs_acl_xattr man page. It also has the following 
> benefits: - Avoid unnecessary sid->xid translations - Better 
> compatibility with Windows, since by default Windows does not enforce 
> existence of "traverse folder" right on parent folders, and modifying 
> POSIX ACLs on parent folders could cause the kernel to deny access 
> (dunno how RichACLs would handle this one :( )."
> A discussion about the subject can be found on the archives after this 
> post.
> Version 4.4.3 of Samba was the first one to receive this change of 
> behavior, as can be seen by its Release Notes:
> o Uri Simchoni <uri at samba.org>
> * BUG 11806: vfs_acl_common: Avoid setting POSIX ACLs if "ignore 
> system acls" is set.

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