[Samba] how to upgrade schema version?

Peter Schmidt peter.schmidt at bixa.cc
Wed Feb 14 17:27:20 UTC 2018


I'm running samba 4.3.11 on Ubuntu server Xenial. It's the only AD-DC in 
a windows domain that used to be hosted by a single Win2k3 server.

The AD schema version is 30, the functionality level is already raised 
to 2008_R2 (domain) and 2008 (forest).

~# ldbsearch -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb -b 
'cn=Schema,cn=Configuration,dc=domain,dc=com' -s base objectVersion
# record 1
dn: CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=vswest,DC=intern
objectVersion: 30

Now I cannot access the Domain Controllers via RSAT and the logs show 
"cannot find attr[msDS-isRODC] in of schema".

How do I upgrade the schema?

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