[Samba] Is it possible to lower the domain and forest functional level

Christophe Borivant cborivant at devinlec.com
Wed Feb 14 10:14:42 UTC 2018

I don't know exactly, but there were problems with indexes ( as the user said ).
We did not try with the current release and our manager wants to go back to Microsoft :-(
Our samba version is 4.7.5.
I've been able to go one step further. We first were not able to join a Windows 2008 R2 as a domain controller because it was asking for adprep.
I found the missing datas in the ldap and added them. But know dcpromo fails replicating the configuration partition.
The most relevant error I can find in the dcpromo.log is :

Valeur de l’erreur principale :
8451 L’opération de réplication a rencontré une erreur dans la base de données.

Valeur de l’erreur secondaire :
-1507 JET_errColumnNotFound, No such column

02/13/2018 18:27:35 [INFO] EVENTLOG (Warning): NTDS General / Traitement interne : 1173
Internal event: Active Directory Domain Services has encountered the following exception and associated parameters.



Additional Data

Error value:

Internal ID:

02/13/2018 18:27:35 [INFO] Error - Les services de domaine Active Directory n’ont pas pu répliquer la partition d’annuaire CN=Configuration,DC=removed,DC=com du contrôleur de domaine Active Directory distant frtlse-srv018.removed.com. (8451)
02/13/2018 18:27:35 [INFO] EVENTLOG (Error): NTDS General / Traitement interne : 1168
Internal error: An Active Directory Domain Services error has occurred.

Additional Data

Error value (decimal):

Error value (hex):

Internal ID:

02/13/2018 18:27:36 [INFO] EVENTLOG (Informational): NTDS General / Contrôle du service : 1004
Les services de domaine Active Directory ont été arrêtés correctement.

02/13/2018 18:27:37 [INFO] NtdsInstall for removed.com returned 8451
02/13/2018 18:27:37 [INFO] DsRolepInstallDs returned 8451
02/13/2018 18:27:37 [ERROR] Failed to install to Directory Service (8451)
02/13/2018 18:27:43 [INFO] Démarrage du service NETLOGON
02/13/2018 18:27:43 [INFO] Configuring service NETLOGON to 2 returned 0
02/13/2018 18:27:43 [INFO] La tentative de promotion du contrôleur de domaine est terminée
02/13/2018 18:27:43 [INFO] DsRolepSetOperationDone returned 0

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On Tue, 2018-02-13 at 10:38 +0100, Christophe Borivant via samba wrote:
> Hello all,
> We have a samba 4 domain controller.
> The domain controller was at first a secondary domain controller.
> We joined it to a domain were the first controller was a windows 2003 server.
> Then we have transfer the fsmo roles to the linux controller and demote the 2003 server.
> I then ran all the ldf files from the 2008 R2 dcpromo and raised the functional levels.
> Now we need to go back to windows domain controller because we need to use sharepoint.

Out of curiosity, what breaks with sharepoint?  Have you tried with the
current release?


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