[Samba] Which DNS to use for DHCP hostname/IP updates from non-AD & AD nodes?

Ken McDonald ken at generation.tech
Tue Feb 13 20:07:31 UTC 2018

I am considering which DNS implementation and cannot determine exactly 
when someone should use the Bind9 manner with BIND9_DLZ Module.

For my purposes, I will have AD and non-AD nodes on the network using 
either DHCP or static IP addresses. Some will be Windows & Linux clients 
joined on the Samba AD domain for logins. Some will be Windows & Linux 
clients that are standalone using either DHCP or static IP.

How should I best support this environment as a I move to a single AD 
domain setup with Samba4? I don't need to migrate anything.

In the past, I have supported this arrangement by using DHCP to update 
DNS (Bind9) which worked great for hostnames (reported from clients) and 
IP addresses (allocated from DHCP server).

I've read through these wiki's but cannot determine how to choose.




My questions are:

1) Which DNS implementation should I use?

2) Will I be able to have the non-AD devices register their hostnames 
and IP addresses in the same domain that Samba AD is using? (mine will 
be the recommended subdomain.domain.com and I'd like all DNS entries for 
AD and non-AD to be in the subdomain)


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