[Samba] Not your typical domain migration

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Mon Feb 12 18:31:16 UTC 2018

Hi Scott,

Am 12.02.2018 um 06:46 schrieb Scott Whitten via samba:
> I can do Windows 2003->2012->2016 without too much trouble.

Can't you join 2016 to the 2003 domain, demote 2003, and raise the
functional levels?

Or join a Samba AD DC and continue without MS. ;-)

> I'm concerned about the Samba side.  The servers are all using extended
> file system permissions and extensive windows groups/permissions.  Would
> the "idmap" range change?

No need to worry here:

* idmap_ad (RFC2307): IDs are stored within AD. Windows doesn't change
the values of these attributes.

* idmap_autorid: IDs are generated based on the RIDs in Windows object's
SID. If Windows would change them, all permissions on Windows would be
lost, too.

* idmap_rid: Same as for autorid, the IDs are generated based on the RID
of AD objects. However, they will only be the same, if you set exactly
the same range for the domain in the new server's smb.conf as you have
on the old one.

> I realize I can follow the steps here:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_Samba_as_a_Domain_Member
> to create the new servers and rsync the files/acls but how do I ensure the
> permissions don't get lost and continue to work?  getfacl/setfacl?
> Something else?

IDs of domain users and groups: No real reason to worry here. See above.

Local Samba users on your domain member: Copy the passdb.tdb file stored
in PRIVATE_DIR (# smbd -b | grep PRIVATE_DIR) to the new host.

Files: Use a tool that preserves the permissions when you copy the
files. For POSIX ACLs, this should be supported by all tools. For
fine-granular Windows ACLs, you need to make sure that you preserve the
extended attributes as well. For example, if you use rsync, pass the
--xattrs parameter to the command.

The Samba domain member server part is something you can easily test,
for example, in a VM:
- Setup CentOS 7
- Install Samba
- Copy smb.conf from an existing server
- Set a different host name in smb.conf
- Update the ID mapping configuration in smb.conf, if it still uses the
old format. I think the new format is mandatory since 3.6 (or was it 4.0?)
- Join the machine to the domain
- Verify IDs (getent passwd / getent group)
- Copy some file
- Check if the permissions are correct.


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