[Samba] nmbd error: workgroup name is too long

samba at coombscloud.com samba at coombscloud.com
Wed Feb 7 16:31:51 UTC 2018

Hey all,

> Backup you smb.conf and run. 
> sed "s,\x1B\[[0-9;]*[a-zA-Z],,g" smb.conf
> This removes all esc ansi special and color characters. 
> Try that first before deleting files.

The checksums on the input to sed and on the output from sed matched.

> Double check your smb.conf, stop samba binaries and then remove
> any .tdb files in /var/lib/samba (or where yours are), restart Samba
> and see how you go on.


> I think the problem is now in his Samba cache and deleting these
> shouldn't be a big problem, it is, after all, a Samba standalone
> server.

I deleted /var/db/samba4/{*.tdb,*.dat} and restarted samba. That seems to have done the trick! 

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions.


Kirk Coombs

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