[Samba] Using Samba AD for NFSV4 Kerberos servers and clients

Ken McDonald ken at generation.tech
Sun Feb 4 21:30:29 UTC 2018

Is it possible to use Samba AD for Kerberos KDC with NFV4 servers and 
then have clients connect to them?

I have Ubuntu Server for the server and Linux Mint for clients. So far, 
I've got a lot setup according to these instructions


And seem to have adapted the keytab entries from using this Samba AD info


But I'm kind of stuck getting the actual mount to work on a client side. 
I'll admit to never using Kerberos with NFS before and my Samba AD 
knowledge is also fairly new (but I do have working Samba AD for Windows 
and Linux client logins, group, POSIX & Win ACls). I can't seem to find 
good information or howto on implementing NFSKerberos + SambaAD

Before I post actual questions and logs, is this configuration even 

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