[Samba] (/usr/lib64/cups/backend/smb) stopped with status 1

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Thu Feb 1 11:47:18 UTC 2018


There is a printer at work (a Xerox WorkCentre 5325).
I am able to print using the following command: smbclient //MyHiddenPC/MyHiddenShare -WMyHiddenDomain -c 'print my-hidden-file.pdf'.
However, it does not work when I try to print through CUPS using the following command: lp my-hidden-file.pdf.
In the CUPS error_log file, the only error I can read is: [Job 5] PID 27883 (/usr/lib64/cups/backend/smb) stopped with status 1.
I am using samba-4.4.4 and cups-2.1.4 on the client side (Slackware64 14.2 operating system).

Any suggestion please?

I remarked that "ls -l /usr/lib64/cups/backend/smb" gives "/usr/bin/smbspool" as target.
When I run "/usr/bin/smbspool" manually with the same options than in the error_log file (/usr/bin/smbspool Xerox-WorkCentre-5325 \'5\' \'yugiohjcj\' \'2.pdf\' \'1\') I get status 1 and this error message: "ERROR: Can't load /etc/samba/smb.conf - run testparm to debug it".
Indeed, /etc/samba/smb.conf is missing (I thought it was not mandatory for the client part).
Creating the /etc/samba/smb.conf file seems to be the solution.
Well, I will try that at work.

I have three questions:
1) Do you know which PPD file is used when I am printing with the smbclient command? (I have not specified any PPD file through this command line so I am wondering how it works)
2) It seems that the password stored in /etc/cups/printers.conf is sent through network in the device URI using the smb protocol. So, is it encrypted or anyone can see it?
3) When I go to localhost:631 to add the printer I give the full URI: smb://yugiohjcj:MyHiddenPassword@MyHiddenDomain/MyHiddenPC/MyHiddenShare but when I look in the /etc/cups/printers.conf file I only see this: smb://MyHiddenDomain/MyHiddenPC/MyHiddenShare. Why the username and password are not here please?

Thank you.
Best regards.

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