[Samba] Generating keytab on a read-only file system

Taner Tas taner76 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 10:20:25 UTC 2018

> no it is not, you just to refuse learning and don't relize that for
> the few cases where you benefit from a script you can just place it as
> "ExecStart"
Wish my situation was simpler as just like "place it as ExecStart". I
won't go into deeper about service orders and runlevels that I have to
deal with. I'm a former systemd user and I have a bit understanding of
its benefits and obstacles as well. I'm actually not a sysvinit fan
neither. I opt for Openrc due to its simplicity.

> please stop claim initscripts are easier and tell the thruth that *for
> you* they are easier because you never botherred about anything else
> and what you don#t know and undersatnd is difficult

As you wish.

Taner Tas

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