[Samba] Sample smb.conf for ADs authentication

Gilbert Soucy gsoucy at 36pix.com
Thu Dec 13 03:39:49 UTC 2018


I am trying to configure samba on a Centos 7.5  linux server ( Samba 4.8.3
) to share files stored on that server to a set of windows PCs running win7
and win10.

Some facts:

- the linux server is NOT the domain controller but it successfully
joined  the domain ( realm join ...).
- we have a few linux servers on which we will want to configure samba in a
similar way to share files.
- the actual active directory service runs on a windows server. Users can
get authenticated both on windows and linux from it.

I tried various settings in smb.conf on the linux server without success
(i.e. it is not possible to mount the share on windows). I am not an expert
and I am seeking a good smb.conf file in which I could fill the blanks to
get the job done  (i.e. sharing files from a server using ADs

Is it possible to find a good smb.conf sample to fullfill our needs ?

Thank you !


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