[Samba] GSSAPI/Kerberos authenticate with Dovecot

basti mailinglist at unix-solution.de
Wed Dec 12 14:30:38 UTC 2018


I try to setup Dovecot with Kerberos/GSSAPI and use this howto:

I also try https://wiki.dovecot.org/Authentication/Kerberos

I can login as windows user on win7 and access shares.
When I open Thunderbird I get the message:

"kerberos/gssapi ticket was not accepted"

For debuging I use Kerbtray.

The Tickets I get are:

|-- cifs/dc1.my.fqdn.com
|-- cifs/files.my.fqdn.com
|-- krbtgt/MY.FQDN.COM
|-- krbtgt/MY.FQDN.COM
|-- LDAP/dc1.my.fqdn.com/my.fqdn.com

There is *no* imap ticket.

root at dovecot:~# ktutil
ktutil:  rkt /etc/dovecot/dovecot.keytab
ktutil:  l
slot KVNO Principal
---- ----
   1    2 imap/dovecot.my.fqdn.com at MY.FQDN.COM
   2    2 imap/dovecot.my.fqdn.com at MY.FQDN.COM
   3    2 imap/dovecot.my.fqdn.com at MY.FQDN.COM
ktutil:  q
root at dovecot:~#

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