[Samba] gencache.tdb size and cache flush

Francesco Malvezzi francesco.malvezzi at unimore.it
Wed Aug 29 08:28:05 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have a midsize AD domain with some 50k users but only 100 workstations

Sometimes I find server CPU throttling at 100%. In order to let it drop
and have smooth performance I delete cache:

systemctl stop samba
net cache flush
systemctl start samba

First of all, is it needed a samba stop to flush the cache?

Even if cache flush does the job to restore performance, I am clueless
about the root cause of the problem. Before flushing cache the
gencache.tdb had 15k entries. Is it large? Do you think is it worth time
to investigate why it grows so much or is it just normal?

thank you,


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